UV Mapping a Car

UV Mapping a Car - Lightwave
In this Tutorial we will be creating a UVmap as a reference to creating Decals/ logo’s etc for a Pontiac Firebird.
by Tony Coleman

UV rock

UV rock - Cinema 4D
This tutorial is a quick example of modeling a simple low polygon rock and setting up the UV coordinates. It will also show the difference between two examples of mapping UV Coordinates.
by Darrin Nupuf

Creating normal maps

Creating normal maps - Cinema 4D
In the early days of 3D video games, textures on surfaces consisted of color information only. The texture would be a picture of whatever material the designer was trying to convey - brick, stone, vegetation, wood, etc. - and would contain shading information as well as the texture and color to create the impression of a complex, dimensional surface.
by James Hastings-Trew

Texture Blending

Texture Blending - Softimage XSI
Sadly, however, my peach is somewhat flawed. The problem: you can't really unwrap most objects without edges, lines or uglies. One solution is texture blending. I like to use texture blending because it's fast, easy and effective.
by Scott Stewart

Applying masked decals

Applying masked decals - Softimage XSI
This tutorial will show you how easily you can add decals to your models in SoftimageXSI using the Rendertree.
by Jean-Francois Bouchard

This old house

This old house - 3D Studio Max
This tutorial shows what you can do to make your objects look old and how to use light and volumetric effects to render a picture with a right mood.
by Jarek Dukat

Projection painting

Projection painting - 3D Studio Max
Finally i found the time to do the tutorial about creating seamless textures within 3dsmax, i used 3dsmax 5 when i made the pictures, but you can use version 6, 7 or 8 also, using version 8 with its peltmapping would also make it easier.
by Steffen Unger

Cubic mapping

Cubic mapping - Softimage XSI
Unfortunately for many artists, XSI doesn't offer cubic mapping. You have to create it by hand. So here's a tutorial that shows you how.
by Bernard Lebel

UV texturing focus on game models

UV texturing focus on game models - Lightwave
This tutorial explains two methods for the UV mapping of an object in Lightwave3D 7.0b. This tutorial should be compatible with all 6.X+ versions of Lightwave3D.
by Max Glick

Modeling and texturing a book

Modeling and texturing a book - Cinema 4D
Time for another tutorial and this time we'll be modeling and texturing a book with a dust cover.
by Anders Kjelberg

Surfacing a coin

Surfacing a coin - Lightwave
You may have wondered what kind of money is used for monkey business. Well wonder no longer...Let's take a look at what I did to create the surfacing on the coins in this 3D Illustration.
by Henk Dawson


Mapping - 3D Studio Max
No, radiosity and translucency is not the topic of this month’s column. What I’ll cover is the process of applying multiple mapping coordinates to a single object and aligning the mapping to the various planes of an object.
by Ted Boardman

Using projection mapping

Using projection mapping - Maya
Projection mapping is a feature that allows you to project 2D texture with an object called placement node, so you don't actually need to worry about UVs on the objects.
by Bogdan Amidzic

Making a complex UV texture

Making a complex UV texture - Lightwave
A complex object is hard to texture map. None of Lightwave's mapping types will allow easy texturing of the object.
by Joe Lertola

Car Mapping

Car Mapping - 3D Studio Max
In this tutorial I'll try to give an impression of how I apply textures to my cars. It's very simple once you get it, really.
by Onno van Braam

An in-depth look at UVW mapping

An in-depth look at UVW mapping - 3D Studio Max
3ds Max includes an incredible array of tools for UVW-mapping an object. Depending on your project and on your budget for extra plugins, mapping and texturing an object is a breeze (especially when compared with earlier versions of the program.)
by Waylon Brinck

UV-map dirtmap baker

UV-map dirtmap baker - Cinema 4D
As we cannot use the Dirt shader for animations, you have to generate a Dirt map. For the Dirt map calculation you have to unwrap and unfold the UV mesh of your object first. As this can be a very time consuming process in bodypaint 3D, you should avoid high resolution meshes. Try to use a combination of low polygon objects with HyperNURBS objects.
by Peter Hofmann aka peXel

Shading and rendering a Mini Cooper

Shading and rendering a Mini Cooper - maya
This article focuses on shading and texturing the Mini Cooper, I’ll talk a little about rendering with Mental Ray but I think other people have covered that in more depth elsewhere.
by Ben Cowell

UV smoothing in Maya

UV smoothing in Maya - Maya
There has been discussion again on Maya highend3d mailing list about the UV distortion caused by polygon smoothing in Maya. I have been working on this problem and devising solutions for a recent production, and as it's hard to explain verbally in a reasonably short email I thought it would be best to sum it up in some tutorial.
by Olivier Renouard

UV mapping tips and tricks

UV mapping tips and tricks - 3D Studio Max
Imagine you've just finished your latest creation: a fantastic, multi-limbed creature with layers of internal mesh details. Now it's time to create the UVs.
by Renier Banninga

Understanding unwrap UVW

Understanding unwrap UVW - 3D Studio Max
This tutorial is suitable for you who wants to know about basic use of Unwrap UVW.
by Didik Wijaya

Texturing and lighting the Nissan R390 GT

Texturing and lighting the Nissan R390 GT - 3D Studio Max
Creating a believable 3d model is strictly tied with an accurate definition of its materials and textures: realizing and correctly applying the textures on a model is a complex and long process in the creation of photorealistic renderings.
by Enrico Nencini

Texturing a wooden box

Texturing a wooden box - Cinema 4D
What we're gonna do here is basically to texture a simple box to look like it's chipped and scratched. This is very basic but will at least get you started.
by Anders Kjellberg

Realistic leaf texture

Realistic leaf texture - Maya
Often time I noticed guys creating a tree but the leaf doesn’t look natural. So I thought of writing a tutorial, which will help you to make a realistic tree.
by Rahul Mishra

Crab UV mapping

Crab UV mapping - Maya
You've just spent many hours modeling a great model in polygons and it's looking great, but one thing is still missing, textures.How do you add the same level of detail in your UV set that you just put in to your model?
by Richard Cheek

UV mapping technique

UV mapping technique - Softimage XSI
One topic has very few available online resources, namely UV mapping. So here I will provide some common technique to edit UVs and projection onto polygonal objects.
by Bernard Lebel

House creation

House creation - 3D Studio Max
In this part of the housing tutorial, we will be focusing on the texturing, lighting and rendering of the scenes.
by Richard Isbell

Painting a colour map

Painting a colour map - Maya
Here's a quick Walk Through on painting a colour map. I will be painting a female's skin. unlike my last painting tut which was the skin of a old man.
by Julian Johnson-Mortimer

Introduction to game texturing - video

Introduction to game texturing video - Maya
Normal mapping. Mike takes you through the start to finish process of normal mapping. In this tutorial you will learn how to take low resolution objects and apply normal maps to them. If you aim to work in games it's well worth learning these techniques.
by SimplyMaya

Creating polygon outlines for precision texturing

Creating polygon outlines for precision texturing - Cinema 4D
I wanted to take the time to do this Cinema 4D tutorial explaining the process for making a polygon object and then unwrapping the UV's and then outlining them so that we can clearly see how we want to texture our 3D object precisely.
by Frankie Loscavio

Poly texturing primer

Poly texturing primer - Softimage XSI
Comprehensive explanations on polygon texturemapping. If you like texturing (especially UV texturing) then you don't want to miss this one.
by Michael Isner

Realistic texturing

Realistic texturing - 3D Studio Max
In this tutorial we'll be looking at techniques for using textures and materials to create realistic objects.
by Ben Cowell

Polygon texturing

Polygon texturing - Maya
This is a polygon-texturing tutorial for maya 5.0. This tutorial includes layout UV’s of a model, create the texture map, specular map, and displacement map.
by Ramy Hanna