Soilchild texture tutorial

Soilchild texture tutorial - 3D Studio Max
Great tutorial, learn how to unwrap the model and paint textures in photoshop.
by Joshua Singh

Advanced 3D aircraft texture mapping

Advanced 3D aircraft texture mapping - 3D Studio Max
This technique uses mainly planar mapping for the entire object. One set of mapping coordinates (UV channel 1) from the side, and one set from the top (UV2). These two textures are then merged with the used of a greyscale mask.
by Ronnie Olsthoorn

Texture mapping 3D aircraft

Texture mapping 3D aircraft -3D Studio Max
This tutorial explains how you can texture a 3D aircraft model. It's written in such a way that even relative beginners to Max might be able to follow this tutorial with some success.
by Ronnie Olsthoorn

Creating a photorealistic human face

Creating a photorealistic human face - Photoshop
This is not a tutorial for bloody beginners, I won't describe every layer I place, or the exact settings of the tools. Generally I make a new layer for every step I do. Try to be a bit individual.
by Jonas Nöll

Low-poly character tutorial

Low-poly character tutorial - 3D Studio Max
This tutorial is for the creation of Low-Poly "Portable Game Res" real-time characters. This tutorial is being made with 3D Studio Max and Photoshop and all program-specific instructions are for those programs.
by Athey Nansel-Moravetz

The ten top tips of texturing

The ten top tips of texturing - General
The main goal of this article/tutorial is to give you a few hints and tricks that might help you to make your own textures look better.
by Jeroen Maton

Texturing a terrain

Texturing a terrain - Maya
Short tutorial on how to texture terrain.
by Jan Sandström

Hard surface texture painting

Hard surface texture painting - Photoshop
This is a method I use for texturing hard surface,sci-fi type objects..hope you find it helpful knowledge of Photoshop is assumed.
by Stefan Morrell

Realistic eye texture painting

Realistic eye texture painting - photoshop
This time, I will show how, with some patience and a tablet, you can produce your own eye textures, applicable to your 3D characters. It's a realistic texture, but it can be simplified, depending of your intention and your character's style.
by Krishnamurti Martins Costa

Modeling and UV mapping a cigarette box

Modeling and UV mapping a cigarette box - Maya
In this tutorial you will learn basic modeling and UV mapping for a cigarette box.
by TrueCG

UV Mapping a Car

UV Mapping a Car - Lightwave
In this Tutorial we will be creating a UVmap as a reference to creating Decals/ logo’s etc for a Pontiac Firebird.
by Tony Coleman

UV rock

UV rock - Cinema 4D
This tutorial is a quick example of modeling a simple low polygon rock and setting up the UV coordinates. It will also show the difference between two examples of mapping UV Coordinates.
by Darrin Nupuf

Creating normal maps

Creating normal maps - Cinema 4D
In the early days of 3D video games, textures on surfaces consisted of color information only. The texture would be a picture of whatever material the designer was trying to convey - brick, stone, vegetation, wood, etc. - and would contain shading information as well as the texture and color to create the impression of a complex, dimensional surface.
by James Hastings-Trew

Texture Blending

Texture Blending - Softimage XSI
Sadly, however, my peach is somewhat flawed. The problem: you can't really unwrap most objects without edges, lines or uglies. One solution is texture blending. I like to use texture blending because it's fast, easy and effective.
by Scott Stewart

Applying masked decals

Applying masked decals - Softimage XSI
This tutorial will show you how easily you can add decals to your models in SoftimageXSI using the Rendertree.
by Jean-Francois Bouchard

This old house

This old house - 3D Studio Max
This tutorial shows what you can do to make your objects look old and how to use light and volumetric effects to render a picture with a right mood.
by Jarek Dukat