Low-poly character tutorial

Low-poly character tutorial - 3D Studio Max
This tutorial is for the creation of Low-Poly "Portable Game Res" real-time characters. This tutorial is being made with 3D Studio Max and Photoshop and all program-specific instructions are for those programs.
by Athey Nansel-Moravetz

The ten top tips of texturing

The ten top tips of texturing - General
The main goal of this article/tutorial is to give you a few hints and tricks that might help you to make your own textures look better.
by Jeroen Maton

Texturing a terrain

Texturing a terrain - Maya
Short tutorial on how to texture terrain.
by Jan Sandström

Hard surface texture painting

Hard surface texture painting - Photoshop
This is a method I use for texturing hard surface,sci-fi type objects..hope you find it helpful knowledge of Photoshop is assumed.
by Stefan Morrell

Realistic eye texture painting

Realistic eye texture painting - photoshop
This time, I will show how, with some patience and a tablet, you can produce your own eye textures, applicable to your 3D characters. It's a realistic texture, but it can be simplified, depending of your intention and your character's style.
by Krishnamurti Martins Costa

Modeling and UV mapping a cigarette box

Modeling and UV mapping a cigarette box - Maya
In this tutorial you will learn basic modeling and UV mapping for a cigarette box.
by TrueCG